About Us

The Team Behind the Stock Uploader

Welcome to Flying

your premier provider for upload automation.

Thanks to the digital image community for your support and feedback. As former content creators, we know how much effort goes into this work. That's why we've focused on creating user-friendly software solutions like our Stock Image Uploader. We appreciate the community that's grown with us and we look forward to your continued involvement as we keep improving our software together.

Our Story

Humble Beginnings

Starting as simple print-on-demand sellers, we experienced first-hand the challenges of creating and manually uploading an array of designs. This process sparked an idea for an innovative tool to streamline the upload process. This idea became the seed that grew into our future automation software solutions.

From In-house to Public Release

Initially, our tool was designed solely for our internal operations. However, we quickly realized its transformative potential for the entire industry. By mid-2019, we began developing this tool into a robust software solution. After thorough BETA testing, we were thrilled to launch it to the public in March 2020.

Development Team

Spurred by the positive feedback from our users and our initial success in the print-on-demand arena, we saw the need for a dedicated software development team. By bringing together a group of professional software developers, ensuring we delivered industry-level professionalism and continually improved software capabilities.

The Stock Image Uploader

Our ongoing interactions with our growing user community brought to light a new opportunity: the world of stock image platforms. Inspired by this user feedback, we decided to extend our expertise in upload automation to this new area. As a result, we developed the Stock Image Uploader, which has become an invaluable addition to our software suite, addressing an essential need for our users.

Collaborating for Enhanced Solutions

We believe in the power of collaboration within the print-on-demand community. By working closely with our users, we have developed every aspect of our platform, ensuring that our tools meet their needs and exceed expectations. Together, we are driving innovation and shaping the future of the industry.

Our Strengths

Quality Software Made in Germany

Experience the excellence of software development from Germany. Flying Upload is crafted with utmost precision and quality, ensuring a superior user experience.


We prioritize usability, aiming to make our platform user-friendly and intuitive. Enjoy features like, Drag and Drop, automated translation, an integrated keyword finder, and more.


Through the concept of XML files the data of each design is stored individually and does not depend on a path like in Microsoft Excel. The data can be used to upload to all platforms.


With 4+ years of upload automation expertise, we deliver a highly professional solution. A upload automation seamlessly integrating with multiple platforms for a superior experience.

Customer Support

Join our community or contact our support for questions or any issues. We are happy to help and eager to integrate the feedback in future improvements.

Fair Agreements

The Stock Image Uploader offers a great price-performance ratio. Our goal is that you can focus on your designs and the upload automation does the time consuming things for you.

Comprehensive Guides

The Information section provides a guide to optimally integrate Flying Upload in your workflow. The videos provide an overview of the Flying Upload and all its functionalities.

Exceptional Software Solutions

We are driven by our passion for creating exceptional software solutions tailored to improve the work in the digital industry. We value user feedback, which helps us continuously improve and enhance our offerings. Your input drives us to deliver the most effective solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

Become One Of Us

Join us today and be part of our growing Stock Image Uploader community. Share ideas, ask questions, and get support on our Discord channel. We're more than a tool, we're a team, and we're excited for you to join us. Let's shape the future of digital work together.