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What Can You Upload?


Monetize your AI art. Upload and sell AI-generated masterpieces effortlessly, including artworks generated from Midjorney and other popular tools.


Earn money with your photos. Upload high-quality images in formats like JPEG, JPG, and more, and start earning from your visual creations.


Turn your vectors into income. Upload and sell your vector designs easily, supporting file formats such as SVG, EPS, and more.


Make money as a photographer. Showcase your talent by uploading captivating shots, including stunning landscapes, compelling portraits, and more.

Top Platforms to Upload & Earn

Adobe Stock Portrait

Adobe Stock

Join Adobe Stock, a leading platform, to earn cash from your creative assets. Benefit from a vast customer base, global exposure, and seamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud.

Shutterstock Portrait


Earn money on Shutterstock, a trusted premier platform. Leverage their extensive marketplace, licensing options, and contributor tools to maximize your earnings.

New Platforms Portrait

New Platforms

Stay tuned! More earning opportunities are on the way. Expand your reach and monetize your creations on additional stock marketplaces.

Essential Features for Uploads

Listing Creation Made Easy

Effortlessly Customize Your Listings

Copy-paste listings, global text replacements, and bulk file name usage. Make your listing creation process a breeze. Unlock the power of seamless listing editing and take control of your earning potential.

Save Data Locally

Secure Listing Storage

Safely store your listings locally for easy access. Save listings as profiles to quickly apply them to new listings, saving you time and effort. Embrace the convenience of secure listing storage and unleash the potential for reusing your successful listings.

Keyword Integration

Optimize Keywords to Maximize Sales

Utilize the integrated keyword search and tag generator to optimize your listings for maximum visibility. Elevate your listings with targeted keywords and ignite your earning potential with enhanced discoverability.

Excel or Not? It's Your Choice!

Effortless Data Import

Create listings in Excel and import them seamlessly. Import data from other sources like Flying Upload, simplifying the listing creation process. Empower yourself with effortless data import and open doors to more opportunities for earning.

Automate & Track Uploads

Upload Automation For Everyone

Speed up your upload process with parallel uploads and stay organized with the upload manager. Optimize your efficiency and focus on maximizing your earnings. Take charge of your upload process, streamline your workflow, and increase your success.

Earn with Stock Images and AI Art

Discover the Potential of Stock Images and AI Art to Boost Your Income! Take Advantage of this Golden Opportunity and Begin Your Journey towards Financial Freedom. Get Started for FREE Today and Unleash Your Creative Entrepreneurial Spirit!

Earn Money with Your Design Skills

Monetize Your Design Expertise

Turn your design skills into income. Upload your stunning images to stock websites and start earning money globally. Our automation tool streamlines the process, making it effortless to monetize your talent.

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Make Money With AI Art

Monetize your AI art with ease. Upload and sell AI-generated masterpieces from platforms like Midjorney. Our tool automates the upload process, allowing you to earn money effortlessly. Unleash the power of AI and be a part of this exciting revolution.

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Earn With Photography

Turn your passion for photography into income. Upload your stunning photographies to stock websites and start earning money globally. Our automation tool streamlines the process, making it effortless to monetize your talent behind the lens.

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Getting Started is Simple

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Create an Account

Sign up on Flying Research to get started. Create your account and unlock the power of our stock image uploader. (Note: Flying Research is part of the Flying application on a different domain.)

Download the App

Download and install our desktop app to access the uploader. Seamlessly upload your images to multiple platforms with ease.

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Start Uploading

Create your listing and begin uploading. Effortlessly upload your images to various stock platforms and kickstart your journey to earning money with stock images.

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Free Version
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  • Upload to all platforms
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  • Parallel uploads (faster upload processing)
  • Upload Manager (track uploaded listings)
  • Copy listing (easy duplicate listings)
  • Text replacement
Pro Version
Save with our 14-day money-back guarantee. You have nothing to lose.
  • Upload to all platforms
  • Unlimited uploads
  • ...everything from free version
  • Keywords search (optimizing listings with keywords)
  • Bulk options (modify multiple listings at once)
  • Bulk copy (apply a listing to multiple files)
  • Bulk Text replacement